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Texarkana College is Moving and Grooving at the Pinkerton Recreation Center Pool

Texarkana College is Moving and Grooving at the Pinkerton Recreation Center Pool

February 17, 2017- Texarkana, TexasTexarkana College’s Community and Business Education Center is looking forward to another six-week section of Ladies Aquatic Move & Groove. This fun-filled class, held at TC’s Pinkerton Recreation Center, begins February 28th and offers an exciting way for ladies to exercise in an Olympic-sized heated swimming pool.

Barby Larey, the instructor of Ladies Aquatic Move & Groove, has taught the class for over 21 years. She said the class format varies each week to keep it interesting and challenging. The lessons may consist of exercise intervals, use of equipment, or coordinated moves to strengthen targeted muscle groups. The music is upbeat and the mood is fun.

“The Move and Groove classes are very popular at TC because they provide an ideal activity for people of all ages and fitness levels,” said Kristi Hart, Community and Business Education Center Director. “Working out doesn’t seem so hard when it’s fun.”

Each class offers music ranging from the 60’s to current hit songs. One of participants’ favorite sessions is the Country Western workout night. Groovers wear blue jeans, jump in the pool, and move around to country and western music. The water temperature helps keep body temperatures down, so even though the class is rigorous, participants don’t perspire.

“A lot of people don’t even realize how hard they are working until after the class is over because they’re having so much fun,” said Larey. “It’s a great exercise for anyone, but especially for people who have physical limitations- they particularly enjoy the class because it is so freeing. People weigh 80% less in water so it is easier to work out without putting too much weight on their joints.”

Class participants typically range in age from 30 to 60 years old or older.  Individuals as well as groups of coworkers and friends can sign up to take the class together. Students should wear a bathing suit or exercise shorts and top.

“There’s no need for ladies to worry about getting their hair wet,” said Larey. “We only have one session, the Splash Class, designed to get wet all over. That class usually ends up being one of the ladies’ favorites because you can jump higher, kick higher, and do things you never thought you could until you got in water.” 

Registration for classes is available through Texarkana College’s Community and Business Education Center online portal at  Interested persons may contact the Center located in the Nelson Administration Building, 2500 N. Robison Road, Texarkana, Texas or call (903) 823-3270.



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