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Texarkana’s Baseball Team Name Revealed

Texarkana’s Baseball Team Name Revealed

Texarkana, USA (February 18, 2017) – After more than 2500 votes were cast, the new Texas Collegiate Summer League team in Texarkana will be named….the Twins.

The Twins won an on-line vote and was the overwhelming favorite, garnering over 80% of the vote. Some of the other names considered were the Rhinos, Thrillers, Thunder Monkeys and Toucans.

“The Twins is such a great tie-in to the rich history of the two cities and the original Texarkana Twins from the 1912 season” said Uri Geva, Partner in the Clutch Entertainment Group the management team for the new Texas Collegiate League franchise. Geva continued by sharing “We are thrilled to have seen such a great alignment between the thousands of votes and our organizations goals of being a major part of our community”.

The Twins had to get confirmation from Major League Baseball to use the name, which caused an increased timeline for voting.

Texarkana will get the season started at George Dobson Field on Friday, May 26th as they host the Victoria Generals.

Texarkana Twins season tickets are 100% Fun Guarantee and include all-you-can-eat and drink buffet for only $15 per game.


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