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TISD PR Office – Clarity on Texas High School Threat

Good Afternoon, Everyone!

 I wanted to reach out to you this afternoon to give clarity to the threat investigation that was conducted yesterday at Texas High School.

 Our investigation actually began on Friday, March 3, 2017 when a student notified the high school administration of a threat being hand-written on a bathroom wall.  As the investigation continued, the snapchat share of the bathroom wall writing was shared in mass by another student.  That, in turn, brought more awareness to the original threat that was being investigated.

 On Monday, March 6, 2017, around mid-day, another writing of threat was found on a desk in a classroom.  Very similar to what was written on the bathroom wall, high school administration began talking to students who are assigned to that chair.

 When the final investigation was completed, it was found that one student was responsible for the writing on the bathroom wall and another student was responsible for a copy-cat message on the classroom desk. 

 As was sent to you yesterday, we did conclude that the threat was indeed a prank and all evidence showed there was no viable, credible threat against our students and school for today or thereafter.  Texas High School has increased police presence on the campus and our safety protocols are being enforced for the remainder of the week.

 For further clarification, and to clear up any misquotes that were publicized,  at no point was the student who had made high school administration aware of the initial threat found written on the bathroom wall considered a suspect.  That was communicated incorrectly on my behalf and I apologize for the error not only to you, but to the student and their family.

 We greatly appreciate the effort that this student made to inform high school administration of what was initially found.

 Thank you.

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