A Higher Education/Workforce Collaboration to Attain 60X30TX

A Higher Education/Workforce Collaboration to Attain 60X30TX

Thursday, March 23, 2017- 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Truman Arnold Student Center- Texarkana College Campus 

Welcome & Greeting


5 minutes

James Henry Russell- President, Texarkana College

·       Greetings and Importance of Event

·       Lunch today prepared and served by TC Culinary Department

·       Introduce Brad Morgan, Williams Memorial Methodist Church

Invocation Rev. Brad Morgan
Lunch – 15 mins. Lunch Served
Welcome & Introductions


5 minutes

James Henry Russell- President, Texarkana College

·       Introduce Northeast Texas Community College President, Brad Johnson and Paris Junior College President, Dr. Pam Anglin

·       Introduce Dr. Emily Cutrer and other TAMUT officials

·       Introduce legislators and elected officials- Robbin Bass, US Rep. John Ratcliffe’s; Judge James Carlow- Bowie County Judge, etc

·       Introduce Randy Reed, Executive Director of Workforce Solutions NE Texas and special guest, TWC Chairman, Andres Alcantar

Overview of 60X30TX and the four broad goals to achieve through this strategic plan.


5 minutes

Dr. Pam Anglin- President, Paris Junior College

·       The economic future of the state

·       Focus on college completion for underserved populations

·       Marketable skills needed for today’s workforce

·       Management of student loan debt

Partnerships and Stakeholders- We all have a role to play


5 minutes

Dr. Brad Johnson- President, Northeast Texas Community College

·       Role of Community Colleges in 60X30TX Plan- #TXSuccess

·       Partnerships with Universities/ Articulation Agreements

·       Talk about the Articulation Agreement signed with TAMUT

·       Business and Industry Partnerships for Training initiatives

NE Texas Workforce Climate and Introduction of Andre Alcantar


5 minutes

Randy Reed- Executive Director, Workforce Solutions Northeast Texas

·       Partnerships with regional Community Colleges

·       Projected growth and future of this area

·       Introduction of TWC Chairman, Andre Alcantar

Texas Workforce Commission’s Support of Texas Higher Education Goal- 60X30TX


20-30 minutes

Chairman Andres Alcantar

·       Demographics of the State in relation to northeast Texas

·       Need for skilled workforce to sustain economy

·       Tri-Agency recommendations and 60X30TX

·       Outlook for the state- job forecast

·       Role Community Colleges will play in reaching the 60X30TX Goal

Thank you and Response to Remarks


5 minutes

James Henry Russell

·       Introduction of Mary Ellen Young, Phi Theta Kappa Advisor at Texarkana College and TCCTA President- Elect

Seeing the goal become reality- how do we achieve this on the local level?


5-10 minutes

Mary Ellen Young

·       Local community impact

·       Phi Theta Kappa involvement with business outreach efforts

·       Region-wide blitz set for April 25 (tentative date)

Closing Remarks & Farewell-


5 minutes

James Henry Russell

·       SHOW VIDEO


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