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Ramzi Smith, Senior 2017

I have loved taking portraits of people pretty much my entire adult life.  From film, to digital, I have always tried to capture the personalities of my subject.  This past weekend, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing one absolutely gorgeous high school senior — Ramzi Smith.  Ramzi’s mom and I are close friends so I was truly excited to be able to take Ramzi’s portraits for this momentous occasion in her life.

Without a doubt, Ramzi is one of the most beautiful young women I have met — she is beautiful not only on the outside, but on the inside where it really counts. She, of course, had amazing parents who did a great job of making sure she knew what the “right things to do” were, and she has excelled in making others feel good about themselves.  This dog loving, softball playing girl cleans up pretty good — don’t you think?  Reminds me a lot of my own daughter.

Ramzi will be again playing softball as she leaves for college in a few months, but for now, enjoy the gorgeous beauty who looks a lot like she should be in a James Bond movie or on the cover of Sports Illustrated!

Thank you, Ramzi, for choosing Debbie Brower Photography.  For more information on booking your senior portrait session, visit


1 comment on “Ramzi Smith, Senior 2017

  1. Dawn Smith

    I am soooooo very proud of this young lady! She is so beautiful on the inside and it just radiates from her, which makes her even more beautiful on the outside.

    Liked by 1 person

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