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TexAmericas Center Replants 107 Acres of Trees Kingwood Forestry contracted as part of TAC’s forest management plan

TexAmericas Center Replants 107 Acres of Trees Kingwood Forestry contracted as part of TAC’s forest management plan

Texarkana, AR-TX, April 21, 2017–TexAmericas Center celebrates Earth Day 2017 with 107 acres of new saplings on their East Campus. As part of the Forest Management Plan presented by Kingwood Forestry in 2011 and updated by the TexAmericas Center Board of Directors in July 2013, Kingwood Forestry completed the replanting of 64,200 loblolly pine trees in December of 2016. Kingwood Forestry is contracted to address the timber management for TAC on an annual basis. The purpose of the plan it to provide long term management guidance while protecting cultural and environmental resources.

TexAmericas Center owns and operates 12,000 development ready acres of land and 3 million square feet of commercial and industrial product. As such, TAC has an Environmental Committee to oversee regulatory compliance, risk, hunting, and forestry management. The committee works with TexAmericas Center staff to provides oversight and feedback on forestry management and the hunting program, which includes a plan for clearcutting and sales of timber resources.  Additionally, the TexAmericas Center Environmental Committee provides oversight of the ongoing environmental cleanup activity taking place on the property to ensure the property is cleaned up to Industrial/Commercial standards, including cleanup contracted by TAC or through the US Army.

“Replanting and ensuring the continuation of renewable resources on the footprint is a priority for TexAmericas Center,” said Scott Norton, CEO/Executive Director of TexAmericas Center, “In fact, TexAmericas Center has committed to replanting every time the organization performs a clear cut of timber.

Loblolly pine trees are one of the fastest growing southern pines and can grow more than 2 feet per year. These trees will grow to 90 feet and are very adaptable to extreme soils, making them a valuable species for the south. TexAmericas Center is proud to be a sustainable organization for renewable resources and to partner with businesses like Kingwood Forestry to ensure these efforts continue moving forward.

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