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Newborn Photo Session Giveaway!

LIKE & SHARE GIVEAWAY!!!Debbie Brower Photography…  Years ago I began the journey to be a portrait photographer. So much emotion is involved in capturing moments in the lives of others. I can clearly remember the day the first photo was taken. This baby just did not feel well. But we kept going and this was the result – one of my all time favorite portraits! I still have a large print in my studio. After a few years of only doing portraits for my magazine, I decided a few months ago that I desperately missed it and wanted to begin capturing those moments again. Fast forward to this week and the portraits of the twins…taken in the NICU. Oh my! It was so wonderful to work with babies again! So here we go again! 

Now, who would like to win a free newborn session???? All you have to do is like my Facebook page, comment on the original post,, and share it! Make sure you make your share public so I can see it! I’ll give away at least one newborn session, in my studio or your home, next Wednesday, May 10th! Check out my website at to see more info!
Debbie Brower Photography

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