Help needed for Water Balloon Wars!

Renee Murphy, patrol officer with the Linden Police Department, believes that helping our youth is the best way to keep our kids happy and safe — and hopefully out of trouble! Linden United was created to help bring the community together in a world of chaos. They have created an awesome event — Water Balloon Wars — which was a big hit last year! This year’s event is scheduled for August 19, 2017, in Linden. But they don’t want to keep this event just for Linden! They would love to help bring it to Texarkana, Atlanta and surrounding areas — although everyone is welcome at the Linden event! In order to put on the event every year, and help other surrounding cities, they need your help! Funds are needed for all of the supplies and awards for the kids! They have put on other events and have plans for additional events in the future, too! Please help us raise the needed funding to keep this project going! If you would like to be a part of bringing this to your city, please contact us. We would love to help! All donations are very much appreciated!

Donate here!

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