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World War I Commemorative Programs Continue at the P.J. Ahern Home

World War I Commemorative Programs Continue at the P.J. Ahern Home

Texarkana, AR – The Texarkana Museums System is hosting a two session workshop from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the P.J. Ahern Home, 403 Laurel Street, on Saturday, September 23 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the United States entering World War I. Admission is free to TMS members and $5 for non-members. Seating is limited, so reservations are requested.

Researching Your World War I Ancestors: A Case Study,” will be presented by author and historian Amanda L. Paige. The lecture will provide guidance on how to identify and research WWI era ancestors by using local, state, and national records along with other resources. This information can also be used to research community members who served during the Great War.

“There is a wealth of information to be found in draft records, enlistment documents, and other military records,” says TMS Curator, Jamie Simmons. “The challenge is knowing where to look and how to interpret that information.”

Amanda L. Paige is a Public Historian at Paige Historical Research. She received a B.A. in History and a M.A. in Public History both from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  Previously she has worked at the Arkansas State Archives, the Sequoyah National Research Center and the UALR Archives and Special Collections.

The Punitive Expedition and World War I” will explore the Mexican Revolution and how it relates to the U.S. entrance into World War I. Speaker Christine Woodrow will explore the the U.S. response to the revolt led by General Francisco “Poncho” Villa.

“As war was breaking out in Europe, the U.S. was sending General John Pershing to retaliate for attacks on New Mexico by Villistas,” says Ms. Woodrow. “It was an important step towards the U.S. becoming part of world politics.”  Christine Woodrow is the Library Director at the New Boston Public Library and a member of the Texarkana Genealogy Society.

The program will begin at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 23 at the P. J. Ahern Home Museum, 403 Laurel Street, in historic downtown Texarkana. Cost is $5 for non-members and free to members of the Texarkana Museums System. Reservations requested. Light refreshments will be served at the break. For more information contact Jamie Simmons at 903-793-4831 or Purchase tickets online at Eventbrite or Facebook.

Image: Soldiers from Texarkana, 1917. From the Texarkana Museums System Archives.

p10458 TXK WWI Soldiers

Image: Author and historian, Amanda L. Paige





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