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Wright Patman Chapter of Credit Unions

The Wright Patman Chapter of Credit Unions invites you to donate $1 and help save a life.

Credit Unions in the Wright Patman Chapter have joined together for this event to help raise money for Children’s Miracle Network.  Each Credit Union participating will allow their employees to wear jeans on Wednesday, September 13th for a donation to the cause.  “Our local chapter of credit unions work together on several projects each year to raise money for Arkansas Childrens Hospital.  We felt this would be one extra event we could come together and help bring in a few more dollars to help save lives”, Patricia Cunningham Vice President of Marketing at Red River Credit Union stated. 
Many people think that different credit unions are in competition with each other but ultimately they all work together to help bring financial services to the communities they serve.  Giving back as a group is just one part of the credit union philosophy.  “People helping People”
Donate a dollar. Deliver a miracle on Miracle Jeans Day
We’ve set aside Wednesday, September 13th as Miracle Jeans Day! We will be dressing down that day so we can raise money for children in need. With the support of our members, we’re working to raise funds for Arkansas Children’s Hospital, your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Contribute $1 at any local credit union on September 13th, and help save a life. Visit to see the kids you’ll be helping with your donation!

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