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Single Parent Scholarship Funds Awarded for Area Students

Single Parent Scholarship Funds Awarded for Area Students

The Community, Entergy, Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE) and ASPSF working together to break poverty cycle through education


Texarkana – Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund (ASPSF), an Arkansas based nonprofit, is pleased to announce the funding of 10 scholarships for local students through the generous support of our funders.

Our local sponsors include Bank of the Ozarks who would like to recognize Gabrielle Holmes as the Bank of the Ozarks Scholar. Gabrielle is a mother of three daughters and one son who is earning her LPN certification then plans to become an RN.  Our Farmer’s Bank & Trust Scholar is Geneve Randle, a mother of one son and is earning her prerequisites for an LPN certification.

Entergy, a long-time supporter of SPSF, would like to recognize Arnecee Woods of Texarkana, Arkansas. Arnecee is a 2011 graduate of Arkansas High school, is currently a freshman majoring in Nursing at UACCH.  She is raising two daughters and one son in addition to her full-time class schedule.

Tyson has been a huge supporter of single parent for several years with a focus on the Business, HVAC and IT fields of study. Two recipients were named Tyson Scholars in both the spring and fall of 2017: Dajanee Manley, mother of one daughter and majoring in Business and Criminal Justice and Morgan Millard, a mother of two daughters majoring in Business Management.

Another long-term state-wide supporter of SPSF is ADHE. The following students have been recognized as ADHE scholars this fall: Amanda Condon, founder of Scholarship Hot Spot, the Ark-La-Tex Student Alliance and majoring in Emergency Management all while being a raising three children; Deaquania Moore, also a mother of three, who is earning an Associate of Applied Science which will eventually lead to a degree in Business; Hillary Musgrove, a mother of one son who will graduate in 2018 with a BSN in Nursing; Jennifer Northcutt, mother of one daughter majoring in Business with a focus on Accounting; and Lauren Randall, a mother of one son who is currently earning a degree in General Studies with plans to become a Veterinarian. Partial ADHE awards were also awarded to Arnecee Woods, Dajanee Manley and Morgan Millard.


The mission of ASPSF is to enable single parents to attain self-sufficiency through post-secondary education.  Since 1990, ASPSF has awarded more than 41,000 scholarships in every county in Arkansas and in Bowie County, Texas.  ASPSF makes a positive difference in the lives of impoverished families by assisting single parents who are enrolled in college or technical programs and are seeking better-paying careers. They focus support on both financial assistance and personal support. This not only helps improve the parent’s educational level and earning potential, but it also helps the parent improve the standard of living for themselves and their children. When the children see their parent studying and working hard for a degree, they see a value placed on education. They see post-secondary education as something “my family does” instead of thinking “my people don’t go on to school”. ASPSF’s investment in each family also helps to shape the educational goals and career aspirations of the next generation, breaking the cycle of poverty for that family.

To donate toward scholarships for deserving students in your county or volunteer in this life-changing program, contact 870-584-6465 or go online to


​. From left to right: Gabrielle Holmes, Amanda Condon, Arnecee Woods, Dajanee Manley, Lauren Randall, Morgan Millard with daughter Kennadi, and SPSF Miller and Bowie County Board President- Kelly Sullivan. (Not pictured: Geneve Randle, Deaquania Moore, Hilary Musgrove and Jennifer Northcutt)​

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