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A&M-Texarkana First Year Experience Holds Retreat for Charity 

A&M-Texarkana First Year Experience Holds Retreat for Charity 

TEXARKANA, Texas – Texas A&M University-Texarkana staff members spent the afternoon of February 9, 2018 helping organize donations to Harvest Regional Food Bank by packing boxes with food that will go to families in need, as well as preparing the supplies for the backpack project that serves elementary students. It was a very meaningful experience for the First Year Experience staff to come together as a team and family to serve others.

Johnny Nonmacher, an academic coach with the FYE program said “I felt preparing the food items to give others was symbolic of the way First Year Experience Coaches share knowledge with new students.”

Shellby Halliburton, a sophomore psychology major said, “By going to Harvest Regional Food Bank with our FYE team, I believe that a lot was learned and that many great things came from it. It was a great experience to help out and be an asset to the great service that they provide through many programs, but I was moved by how much it helped us a team. We were able to see the abilities of each other and bond through simple tasks. We learned great ways to work together as a team through individual groups, and as a whole. I think that by doing this project we learned more about each other, as well as strengthened our team through simple tasks that required all of us to work together.”

Mike Nzudie-Teta, a senior Electrical Engineering major said, “Today we came together as one team and family; organized , packed and helped distribute food to the people that are in need within our community. We also bonded together and had a great deal of fun in the process. It was an invaluable experience and a pleasure to impact lives even in the slightest of way.”



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Back Row: Hollis Thompson, Travis Garvin, Mike Teta, Zachary Ludwig, Aaron Harp, Jonathan Nonmacher, Sebastian Barrientos


Front Row: Omar Hamzeh, Shelby Halliburton, Alex Claiborne, Alana Briley, Philip Derouen, Kelly O’Keefe

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