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Materials will be used as part of TAC’s initiative to increase marketing efforts

Texarkana, AR-TX, April 16, 2018– TexAmericas Center (TAC) is excited to release the new TexAmericas Center Real Estate Services Booklet, the first major marketing tool completed as part of the organization’s marketing action plan. The marketing action plan is a three phase project that will deliver attractive and in-demand marketing materials for use in business attraction efforts and prospect activities. TexAmericas Center has contracted with World Economic Development Alliance (WEDA) to design the materials. WEDA, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, offers over 20+ years of experience and knowledge in the economic development and communications design industries.

“TexAmericas Center has been proactively pursuing new business opportunities at tradeshows, through email marketing campaigns, and by responding to state Request for Proposals (RFPs),” said Eric Voyles, Executive Vice President / CEDO for TexAmericas Center, “We continue to see the demand for updated, relevant and organized information to support our marketing efforts. The new marketing materials will help us to demonstrate why the greater Texarkana region is ready for business.”

The Real Estate Services Booklet attests to TexAmericas Center’s more than 90 years of experience in all aspects of economic growth, property development and business management. The booklet highlights the available product and resources offered at TAC, including general and specialty-use buildings, land for sale or lease, hardstand for lease, shovel-ready and certified development ready sites, and rail service. Other features included in the booklet are: real estate services offered by TexAmericas Center, the TexAmericas Center build-to-suit process, the Regional Economic Development (RED) Team, client testimonials, and the values of the TexAmericas Center team.


In addition to the completion of the real estate services booklet, TexAmericas Center worked with WEDA earlier this year to develop a logistics ad that was placed in the January/February issue of Global Trade Magazine; the ad will be further utilized for marketing to 3PLs, Warehouse and Distribution, and industries dependent on excellent access to markets. TexAmericas Center will also launch an email campaign during the upcoming months for their recent cold storage project announcement. The email template and landing page for the campaign have been completed as part of the marketing action plan deliverables, demonstrating the continued demand for innovative and attractive marketing materials.

“WEDA works exclusively with economic development organizations to strengthen their marketing and attraction efforts, and we are confident that TexAmericas Center’s marketing action plan is strategically aligned with the market demands. The staff at TexAmericas Center are a great testament to the quality of people and work ethic available in the greater Texarkana region, and we look forward to working with them to develop some more quality marketing tools. ” Brooke Edwards, Marketing Coordinator for World Economic Development Alliance

Other items to be completed in the marketing action plan include: regional economic profile, targeted industry synopsis, partners in development profiles, hot sheet for available buildings and site, standard RFP response packet, Infographic, post cards, email templates, case study, ads, and the development of a new website for TexAmericas Center. For a copy of the TexAmericas Center Real Estate Services Booklet, please email Devon McCloskey at

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