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Class of 2018-19

Leadership Texarkana is currently accepting applications from individuals who are interested in applying to be part of the Leadership Texarkana Class of 2018-19; applications are available online at, or by calling 903.792.0011 or emailing info@leadershiptexarkana.  Deadline for completed applications is June 23.

LT Executive Director Ruth Ellen Whitt says, “We encourage applications from individuals who are not only interested in personal development, but for those who are wanting to take responsibility for making our community all that it can be.   Applying is a competitive process as there are always more applications than spaces available, so it requires hard choices.  Our goal is to have each class reflect the demographics of the community; we limit and balance the numbers of participants from any one business, sector or demographic.”

As the flagship program of LEADERSHIP TEXARKANA, the annual LT class has provided community leadership development for the advancement of our community and of all participants since 1979. Over 800 grads remain local and actively leading in all sectors.

  • TOP NOTCH PARTICIPANTS: Connects, cultivates and engages a selected group of individuals from all backgrounds, professional levels, and all sectors (public, private and non-profit).


  • EXCELLENT PROGRAMS: Year-long training in understanding of critical issues in the development and growth of our community, including perspectives of economic development, industry, health care, education, politics, and quality of life initiatives, and the leadership capacities needed to have a positive impact.


  • POWERFUL CONNECTIONS: Well over one hundred community leaders annually participate in issue-based educational sessions–a backstage pass into our region, invaluable to natives or newcomers.


  • PERSONAL CHALLENGE: Each participant is challenged to personalize the opportunity for providing meaningful leadership, stepping up as citizens of influence in his/her community sphere.


Natives learn as much as newcomers.

LT Recruitment Social – Monday, June 11, 5-6:30 at Twisted Fork Restaurant on Summerhill Rd. offers a time to visit with LT grads and learn more.  

Perspectives of Past Participants

  • [LT] provides an intense wealth of knowledge about Texarkana. The information, thoughts, and visions of this organization actually help you to set a more focused compass on community and personal commitment.


  • [LT] helps individuals give focus to their ideas; passions and abilities to help impact our community.


  • [LT is the] organization with the best prospect of facilitating sustainable positive change in our community.


  • Change can only happen when people unite time, talent and resources. …[LT ] is a great way to learn history and shape Texarkana’s future. I have gained great new relationships.


  • Anyone with a passion for our community or for helping must go through this program.


  • You will learn more than you can ever imagine!


Frequently Asked Questions about the LT Class 

How do I apply?

            Applications & more at

            Deadline for application is midnight JUNE 23.

            Either submit online – OR – MAIL it to P.O. Box 311, TT 75504-0311;

                        OR hand-deliver to 1915 Olive Street.

            All parts of application must be received at 1915 Olive Street by 6.23

            (must include all attachments: references and photo)


How much does it cost?

            $750 for individuals from businesses or organizations with

                        annual operating budgets over $250K; cost is $600 for

                        individuals from those with operating budgets under $250K.

            Scholarships are available, however, there are no full scholarships;                           

Numbers and amounts are based on applicants and requests.


WHAT is expected of class participants?

            Your presence, participation and full ENGAGEMENT – during

            the program year, as well as beyond the program year, stepping up to

            take a measure of responsibility for our community’s best future.


            The program kicks-off September 20-21 with an overnight retreat,

            followed by monthly day-long sessions on second Tuesdays from October-April;

End of Year Celebration April 23.Other dates TBD.


MORE AT LeadershipTexarkana.COM

email Info@LeadershipTexarkana.Com

Or call 903.792.0011


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